Right To Play Charity logo on Chelsea Champions League Shirts

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Chelsea Football Club has become the first English team to add a charity logo onto our Champions League kit. In addition to existing sponsors Samsung and adidas, the club’s European kit will also feature the logo of our global charity partner, Right To Play – a humanitarian organisation using sport and play to help tackle disease, poverty and conflict in 20 countries around the world.

The logo will feature on the back of the shirts throughout the remainder of the European campaign.The logo will feature on the back of the shirts throughout the remainder of the European campaign.

The new European shirts were worn on Tuesday 1 November against Belgian side KRC Genk. ‘As a club we acknowledge the vital role that sport can play in our local and global communities and we are delighted to be leading the way by featuring a charity sponsor on our Champions League shirt,’ said chairman Bruce Buck.

‘Our vision is echoed by our shirt sponsors Samsung and adidas who share our passion for using sport for positive social change.’  Working closely with communities, Right To Play train local staff and volunteers to implement sport and play-based learning programs designed to teach children and youth important life skills including health, teamwork, conflict resolution, respect and fair play.

Founded by four-time Olympic speed-skating gold medalist Johann Koss, Right To Play’s partnership with Chelsea is helping to raise funds and increase awareness of the charity’s work across the globe.

‘I am excited about this new commitment by Chelsea Football Club,’ said Koss, Right To Play President and CEO.

‘By featuring our logo on their Champions League shirt, Chelsea and their sponsors are truly demonstrating their commitment to Right To Play. This will spread the message that sport and play have the power to improve the lives of children living in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

‘I am thrilled that Right To Play’s partnership with Chelsea continues to grow and I would like to thank Chelsea and their sponsors Samsung and adidas for their support.’ Source:[Chelsea

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3 thoughts on “Right To Play Charity logo on Chelsea Champions League Shirts

  1. Great news Karl this helps the world of football to recognise their power to do good as Barcelona FC used to do with UNICEF name on their shirts. Rigth To Play is one of The Great Sportsmanship Programme’s designated charities (see inside cover of the book or the eBook http://tinyurl.com/6ayvbem .

    Full story about Johann Olav Koss extraordinary gold medals and world records speed skating successes and how he recognised sport as a media platform for actually making the world a better place – in the Great Moments Of Sportsmanship book.

    I don’t often say this – but – congrats to Chelsea FC!


  2. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the heads up! I should have added the Johann Olav Koss story as I read your book.
    Charity activites are more and more prominent in football, and it is -to a certain extent – a strong communication platform to promote a club’s image and values….and yes, congrats to Chelsea!


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