Flamengo Sign an Innovative Partnership with UNICEF

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Flamengo has followed in the footsteps of FC Barcelona by agreeing a major partnership with Unicef. The Brazilian giant has signed what it describes as an “innovative partnership” with the world’s leading children’s charity.

Along with featuring the Unicef logo on the club’s shirts, the agreement will centre on Flamengo’s ‘My Team is Top 10’ initiative which revolves around a set of 10 principles relating to the protection and promotion of the rights of children and teenagers – both athletes and non athletes.

Unicef has been increasing its presence in sport in recent years and has enjoyed a high-profile partnership with Barcelona since 2006. Barcelona star Lionel Messi and Los Angeles Galaxy icon David Beckham also serve as Unicef Ambassadors and the partnership with Flamengo will open the organisation up to a club that has around 40 million fans and is said to be the most popular in Brazil.

“We are very proud to work with the Club de Regatas do Flamengo,” said Unicef executive director Anthony Lake.

“The club is showing great leadership in creating guidelines for the promotion of the rights of children and adolescents,” Lake added. “My Team is Top 10 is a wonderful step toward creating a club that will serve as a model for the community and to other clubs”.

Unicef hopes that millions of fans of Flamengo – inside and outside the country – get involved and help spread the message that creates a more equitable and fair world for all children.”

Flamengo sees the partnership as an opportunity to strengthen its social responsibility and develop a template for the rest of the sporting world.

“People and the world of sports organisations have a crucial role in protecting and promoting the rights of children and adolescents,” added Flamengo president Patricia Amorim. “Flamengo is enthusiastic and willing to take action to contribute to defending the rights of children and adolescents.” [Source: Sports Business]

Karl Lusbec