OM – PSG: When the Government and the FA Refuse to Do Their Job!

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The French FA and the authorities are proving once again their incompetence. Tomorrow Olympique de Marseille will play PSG. The French FA banned PSG supporters to go to Marseille to support their team. A decision that illustrate a cowardly attitude to blatantly refuse to deal with football fans. Basically, the French FA and the Sarkozy administration decline to do their job.

This game is one of the most expected game of the boring Ligue 1. It is the equivalent (in term of rivalry) to a Tottenham-Arsenal or Galatasaray-Fenerbahce where fans get more emotional than for other games.

The French Ligue 1 jointly with the home secretary went for the simple and unilateral decision: Ban PSG fans from going to support their team in Marseille. The opposite scenario will also take place, where Marseille fans will be banned from attending the PSG-OM game on 7 April 2012. It already happened last year and will happen again this year.

This match is known for its heavy clash between supporters of both sides, leading to arrest and even jailing some of them. So for a bunch of idiots millions of fans won’t be able to encourage their team, and on top of that, authorities dismiss on their duty.

Imagine for one second a Glasgow-Celtic at Ibrox Park without Celtic fans? Or a Benfica – Porto without FC Porto supporters. No need to talk about the Real Madrid – Barca, Manchester United v Liverpool or even AC Milan – Juventus Turin where fans would not be allowed to go support their team.

Paris St-Germain have done a lot the past few years to get rid of the most aggressive and dangerous fans, and managed to pacify the Parc Des Princes. Although the heated and boiling atmosphere in the stadium has gone down a notch, it should be outlined that the Parc Des Princes has become safer and more peaceful. There is a proverb: “Omelettes cannot be made without breaking eggs”.

Sarkozy’s administration to handle football fans is to say: “You guys stay home”. Are you kidding? What kind of administration is publicly and cowardly dismissing its responsibilities and duties? Well, nothing surprising with this administration that has a talent to spin issues in order to escape from what they should tackle.

Karl Lusbec

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