My First Ice Hockey Game: Total Domination and Fun!

Hi Guys,
In New York for more than a week now, I do want to have the full NYC sports experience. It means attending a Baseball game with the NY Yankees or the Mets, a basketball game checking out the Knicks, and also an ice hockey with the Rangers which I did yesterday at the Madison Square Garden.

The yesterday game was NY Rangers vs Florida Panthers. It was my first time at the Madison Square Garden, and what I have to say is this: I have never seen such a clean and “luxuruous” sports venue! Total class! At first glance, it looked like a hotel. Getting in is easy, no queue, well indicated, friendly staff.

Merchandise stands well displayed and attractive also contribute to giving the experience a VIP touch. Getting to our seats, commercial and marketing activations started, engaging fans with Twitter, Facebook, live shows etc. Kinda cool.

The sponsors display went on during the whole game which is quite unusual for someone used to watch football (I still say football, not soccer) with no interruption. Each break is used for sponsors marketing initiatives.

The game itself was a lot of fun. I was surprised to manage to follow where the puk was. I have to say that before going there, that I a bit was sceptical to even know where this little black thing would be. Quite easy actually to follow and….enjoy.

As I said, 1st time hockey game, and obviously with little clue of the rules of the game, but hey part of the fun was this unexperienced eye and yet managed to enjoy the show. NYR won 6-1, and it was a total domination. It seemed that these guys slide on the ice as well as they can walk!

I am from the Caribbean. I just don’t get how sliding on ice with blades for shoes is even possible!!

Anyways, I guess, the most surprising and weird part was when a fight between 2 players happened. So, let me put things in perspective. I am used to seeing football players falling, diving, pretending to have lost 2-3 legs, crying, complaining, being born comedia dell’ arte actors for most of them. Here, two hockey players were litterally fighting, boxing, kicking, wrestling. Game stopped and the other players were………watching!

I didn’t know if I should be shocked or amazed. Lots of mixed feelings here. The fight took approximately 30-45 seconds. Don’t ask me who won, but what I do know is that the Florida player touched the ground first. Funny and cool to watch when you’re used to these fragile football (soccer) players.

Great experience, I really enjoyed the game, the atmosphere, the marketing activations during the game, etc. I didn’t expect to have so much fun and I did. Thanks a bunch Jan for the tickets! Will go back! Go Rangers!!

Stay tuned for the upcoming New York sports expericences!

Karl Lusbec


2 thoughts on “My First Ice Hockey Game: Total Domination and Fun!

  1. Karl, this great stuff! It is so refreshing to read about your first-time contact with ice-hockey. When it comes to sports marketing, this is the moment-of-truth experience I believe. Everyone’s first time at a game is a defining moment and still very rarely you read about this aspect.

    I have never been at a baseball game so looking forward to your experiences from Citi Field or Yankee Stadium!

    Enjoy NYC!


  2. Hello Tomas,
    It was indeed a very interesting experience. I will go back for sure to support the NY Rangers. Completely different experience from other sports I have been to and very unique atmosphere.
    When I go to Basket Ball game, I will definitly report it here. 🙂
    Stay tuned!


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