Puma Pink Matchball for Second Half French Ligue 1

Hi everyone,
Puma, the official matchball supplier of the french Ligue1 unveiled the ball that will be used for the second part of the domestic league games. The Ligue 1 players will be using a pink ball.

While adidas partners with FIFA, UEFA and CAF to deliver the official matchball of these governing bodies competitions, Puma and Nike operate differently. They (Puma and Nike) tap into domestic leagues.

Nike partners with Serie A, La Liga, the Barclays Premier League and the Chinese Soccer League to supply the league official matchballs.

Puma is the Ligue 1 Orange official matchball supplier and will provide the LFP with Pink matchballs for the second half of the season. Bold move to go with pink, and kuddos to Puma for this initiative.

Karl Lusbec


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