The 2012 Champions League Matchball Launched for Round of 16

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On February 14th, the The UEFA Champions League round of Last 16 will start with fantastic games ahead. Adidas released the new UEFA Champions League matchball that wil be used during the final in Munich at the Allianz Arena.

The major change is that the matchball will be used during the knockout stage, instead of only during the final as it was the case the previous years. The well known Champions League starball design features a White/Slime/Cyan/Indigo colourway with unique design elements.

The PSC texture, an advancement from the ‘pimple’ design, aids power, swerve and control in all weather. Star shaped panels are joined by revolutionary thermal bonding technology for perfect aerodynamics. Negating the need for seams and stitching benefits the ball prolonging the life and giving it a more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water uptake.

For those familiar with The Football Lounge, I often emphasise on the importance of a matchball in football events. It is a meaningful way to have a strong visibility and exposure on the field of play. Now, is it a smart move to kick off the 2012 Champions League ball during the knock out stage? On one hand, an iconic product is featured on a longer period of time, on the other hand, it takes away the exclusive factor to use it only during the final.

My take is to use the starball from the start of the Champions League competition. Domestic leagues, football tournaments feature their matchballs from day 1, so why not the Champions League? Then for the final, have a “World Cup Final” approach with a special edition matchball in gold for instance, still respecting the visual identity.

For the 2006 and 2010 World Cup finals, adidas launched golden matchballs for the finals. Respectively, the golden Teamgeist and the Jo’Bulani. Should we expect a similar approach for the Champions League final in May in Munich? What’s your take?

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