The Football Lounge is 2 Years Old!

Today, the football lounge is 2 years old. I started blogging because I wanted to share my views and insights about football marketing. Having worked in football marketing at adidas gave me this strong understanding of how important marketing is in modern football.

Thanks to this blog, I met great football marketing professionals, attended important conferences with influencial speakers, interacted with nice guys on the blog and ultimately got credibility as a football marketer.

I was at a football networking event in New York last week organised by the National Sports Marketing Network. A participant came to me and told me that he reads my blog and recognised me. How heartwarming was that!

His name is Jean-Paul Forsans and he is an International Sports Marketing Consultant. Great guy! I invite you guys to reach out to him.

So, 2 years and +700 articles later, let me thank every single one of you guys! Those who leave comment, and those who don’t, I am thankful to you and your contribution.

Keep in touch!