Chivas 2012 Kit: Fasten Your Seat Belt!

Hi everyone,
Football clubs are constantly looking for innovative ways to launch their football kits. Chivas went the extra mile, per say, by launching their Home Kit in an airplane, 30,000 feet above the ground. Yes, the Rojiblancos introduced their new playing jerseys on Wednesday on a Volaris flight between Los Angeles and Guadalajara. Fasten your seat belt!

According to, midfielder Jorge Villafaña, forward Juan Pablo Ángel and goalkeeper Dan Kennedy used the plane as a catwalk to show 170 passengers their new uniforms.

“We were having a lunch with Volaris and they were talking about an [in-flight] concert that they did with the band Los Tigres del Norte,”

Chivas USA vice president of marketing and sponsorship Rodrigo Morales told “At that moment, something clicked and we knew what we had to do. It was three months of planning and permits, as well as other things related to the US and Mexico, and it was something seems to have worked well.”

Morales understands that the idea to hold an in-flight jersey unveiling was certainly a new concept, but believes that the flight is symbolic of the team’s long-term plans.

“There are a lot of symbols on this flight; the first was that it was a flight from Guadalajara, where our sibling club was founded, to LA, which is our home,” said Morales. “Also, keeping Chivas at this altitude at this height is important because if we launch a jersey like this, then we need to have a fantastic season in 2012, and I’m sure that will happen.”

To my knowledge, such a kit launch has never been done before, and kudos to Chivas to come up with this very innovative idea. The story doesn’t tell whether or not players got extra airmiles for this activity though!

Karl Lusbec