Nike Football: The Chance 2012 is On!

Hi everyone,
This week, Nike will start the hunt for new football talents. The 2012 Nike Chance is on. The Chance is Nike’s global talents hunt, utilizing its contracted football coaches to discover the new Cristiano Ronaldo, Rooney or Ibrahimovic (to name Nike’s players). Top coaches such as Guardiola, Blanc and Klinsmann will be heading the scouting process.

Over 50 countries are involved to find 100 potential champions to battle it out at the Global Final in Barcelona. From there, 16 winners will earn their place on the ultimate pro experience, facing some of the world’s best clubs at their iconic football venues.

To make it this year, it’s all about teamwork. Create a Team page using The Chance Facebook app, recruit your teammates and make enough noise to let the world know you’ve arrived.

The Barca coach has identified his first 100 spanish talents and launched the “The Nike Chance 2012” Rio Ferdinand will have the same scouting task for England. 100 players who are chosen for each national Final. Only 3 will reach  the global finals in Barcelona.

The 2011 Nike Chance was a resounding success. Nike is showing a global exercise to grow kids with the brand, on the field of play. All components are included. Top coaches, professional teams, social medias, products, and one element Nike that is powerfully important to Nike: The competiton.

Karl Lusbec