adidas Launches the London 2012 Official Matchball: The Albert


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Back in February 2011, adidas invited British public to name the London 2012 matchball. The chosen name is Albert. The official match ball to be used at the London 2012 Olympic Games football tournament, was officially revealed at The City of Coventry Stadium by Tom Cleverley of Manchester United and Robert Ashcroft, the 43 year old from Derbyshire who named the ball.

Over 12,000 unique names were suggested over a ten day period in February 2011 and the name of the ball was announced in July 2011, one year ahead of the football tournament. 

Cleverley said at the launch: ‘The Albert certainly has a unique name and striking identity. It is like no other ball I’ve seen before and it is going to really stand out on the pitch. The ball looks youthful and that is what London 2012 is meant to be about. The Olympic Games is going to be a huge event for Great Britain and if selected I would be delighted to represent Team GB.’


The Albert carries the London 2012 logo and features additional design elements in colours from the London 2012 ‘colour palate’. The ball will be used to kick off the Olympic Football Tournament in Cardiff on 25th July, two days before the Opening Ceremony. 

Ashcroft submitted his suggestion of ‘The Albert’ with his own interpretation of cockney rhyming slang where he proposed the London iconic landmark ‘The Albert Hall’ to mean ‘Ball’. ‘The Albert’ features a series of triangular panels that are thermally bonded together to ensure a true, stable flight path.

Covering each panel of the ball is a grip texture which supports boot to ball contact and enhances ball control. Beneath the outer surface of the ball is a woven carcass and a new bladder for increased air retention and reduced water uptake.

‘The Albert’ meets and exceeds all FIFA Approved Standards for an Official Match Ball making it the most tested ball adidas has ever produced. [Source: Sport Industry Biz]

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  1. Hello.

    I just love the colours. So uplifting and bright giving one a sense of positivity and a great kick-off for the Olympic 2012 games.


  2. Hi Siena,
    Agree, the colour palette is very dynamic and the design is also very in tune with the London 2012 logo, which was not a given achievement. Welcome here!


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