Major League Soccer Would Use Goal Line Technology

Hi everyone,
The goal line technology in football is a topic FIFA officials have been far from being clear and consistent. The Major League Soccer however, would use the goal line technology and potentially add another milestone to grow football in the United States.

The technology exists, fans, clubs, players, sponsors are asking for it, yet the refereeing segment in football still lives in the stoneage. So be it, Don Garber says that MLS would implement goal-line technology quickly if it’s approved in July by the sport’s rules-making body.

The International Football Association Board meets July 2 and could approve Sony Corp.’s Hawk-Eye or GoalRef, owned by a German-Danish company. Following a series of erroneous calls in high-profile games ranging from the 2010 World Cup to this year’s FA Cup, there could be more support for goal-line technology among tradition-bound soccer officials.

Hawk-Eye is a camera-based ball-tracking system used in tennis and cricket. GoalRef employs a magnetic field with a special ball. Both could be approved.

The interesting thing is, last year I was talking about Sony’s purchase of the Eye Hawk technology, and was pointing out Sony’s strategic position to implement the goal line technology for UEFA Champions League (Sony Focusing its Champions League sponsorship on the Playstation platform only) and FIFA competitions (Sony is a FIFA partner). I am not too bad as a football marketer right?

If approval is granted in July, Garber said, MLS could implement the technology at some point during this season, which began in March. The Premier League hopes to use it for its 2012-13 season, which starts in August.

“There’s a lot more that we need to learn about it, understanding the process,” Garber said. “The bottom line here is that I would be open to using goal-line technology as soon as it is made available.”

He said the league’s policy of using video review to punish players for simulation was working. “Americans generally … view that aspect of the game as not fitting with our culture or our view of fairness,” he said. “We have almost eliminated that unpleasant or unsavory aspect of the game from our sport.”

If implemented, the Major League Soccer will be at the forefront of technology in football, as it will be the 1st league to use the goal line technology. Impressive for a 16 year old league!

Karl Lusbec