2012 Champions League Final at Old Bayern Munich Stadium: 65.000 Tickets

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Football’s European governing body Uefa will show the Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea on 19 May live on a giant screen at Bayern’s old home, the Olympic Stadium, to a paying crowd of 65,000 fans.

The aim is to try to address some of the huge demand for a game being played in Bayern’s home city. Ticket demand for the match – a 70,000-seat sellout at Bayern’s Allianz Arena, across the city – has been massive in Germany especially, with an estimated 2m people in and around Munich alone wanting to go.

To try to alleviate some of that demand, Uefa will screen the game in the Olympiastadion, with tickets priced at €5 each.

Those seats are due to go on sale on a first-come, first-served basis via the muenchenticket.de website, from today, Friday.

An area of the stadium will be reserved for ‘away’ fans, namely Chelsea supporters, and the size of that will depend on how many buyers from England purchase tickets.

The Olympiastadion and the park around it will be location of a week-long festival in the run-up to the Saturday final, and on Thursday 17 May, that stadium will host the women’s Champions League final between Lyon and Frankfurt. A record crowd for that event is expected, of around 30,000.

More than double that number are expected for the screening of Bayern-Chelsea, with organisers expecting the tickets for the ‘Munich II’ to sell out within hours. [Source: Sporting Intelligence]

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3 thoughts on “2012 Champions League Final at Old Bayern Munich Stadium: 65.000 Tickets

  1. Good question Kan! To my knowledge, there will be a draw (I don’t know when though) which will determine who is playing home and away and will trigger which team will play with which kit.
    However, knowing both teams home kits colours (Red for Bayern and Blue for Chelsea), these colours are not conflicting against each other, I would assume both teams will play with their home kits. This said, both clubs have the option to agree on the kits they will wear during the game.


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