Olympique Lyonnais 2012-2013 3D Third Kit

Hi everyone,
Next season Olympique Lyonnais 3rd kit will be 3D (yeah, 3 dimensional). The OL 3rd kit has been traditionally used for european competitions, and next season 3rd kit will get a strong attention.

If Olympique Lyonnais make it to Champions League next season, which might not happen, players will wear an adidas kit which contains 3D images visible to only viewers with 3D glasses. It is the first 3D kit in football history.

The OL 2012-2013 third kit will be predominantly black with white details and a V shaped across the chest. This V shaped reminds me of Bordeaux traditional kit, but anyways, and the adidas 3 stripes on the sleeves are white.

While I understand the concept of bringing newness to the market, I am not sure of the efficiency of the usage. 3D glasses will be needed to see the effect of the shirt. But, non 3D elements look weird with 3D glasses. So what is the relevance then?

Check it out, and leave your thoughts!

Karl Lusbec

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