The PUMA evoSPEED: Catch the Bolt if You Can

Hi guys,
This morning I published a piece about the new PUMA evoSPEED outlining how Puma created a cross category product. A few minutes ago, Puma tweeted the behind the scenes of the advert featuring its major athletes. Pure fun.

The introduction of the evoSPEED is a great example of utilisation of cross category assets to promote a product. Puma features Usain Bolt, Fernando Alsonso, Yuvraj Singh, Sergio Aguero, Mario Gomez and Rickie Fowler in a really fun commercial.

In a very compelling way, Puma promotes a shoe for different sports categories: football, running, F1 to name a few. The main feature of the shoe is speed (obviously). The idea is to make these guys run on a treadmill and catch up with……Usain Bolt. Just take a look and share your thoughts.

Karl Lusbec


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