UEFA Euro 2012 Teams Sponsors: Nothing New Under the Sun

Hi everyone,
Euro 2012 is one week away, and here’s a quick review of the team sponsors visibility during the event. After a 100% adidas Champions League final, what does Euro 2012 tell us from a National Teams sponsorship perspective?

Group A
Czech Republic (Puma)
Greece (adidas)
Poland (Nike)
Russia (adidas)

Group B
Denmark (adidas)
Germany (adidas)
The Netherlands (Nike)
Portugal (Nike)

Group C
Croatia (Nike)
Italy (Puma)
Rep. Ireland (Umbro)
Spain (adidas)

Group D
England (Umbro)
France (Nike)
Sweden (Umbro)
Ukraine (adidas)

adidas: 6 teams
Nike: 5 teams
Umbro: 3 teams
Puma: 2 teams

Again here, adidas and Nike trust #1 & #2 position with respectively 6 and 5 teams. Each brand has one host country: Poland for Nike and Ukraine for adidas.
It’s important to add that Umbro – which is owned by Nike – counts 3 National Teams. We won’t however stack them to the Nike teams. Puma focuses on Italy, its main asset.

Nothing new under the sun. The 2 giants lead, and the others follow.

Karl Lusbec


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