A Nike Product in an adidas Ad: Just Do the Impossible.

Hey guys,
Yesterday I published the video of the launch of the adidas Real Madrid 2012-2013 kit. Cool ad, great players, strong messages to fans. However, a quite not small “mistake” occured. Sergio Ramos is on the ad wearing Nike boots. Not sure whether it is a mistake, but it’s worth pointing out.

Although mistakes happen (errare humanum est, as it’s said in Latin), one can wonder how a Nike product could have been unoticed on an adidas ad.

Freeze the video at 45 seconds, Sergio Ramos is wearing the Nike Tiempo. We also see briefly Cristiano Ronaldo (at 49 seconds) which also raised my eyebrows. So, my explanation is the following;
In some specific cases, a football club requires a certain amount of players when sponsors communicate about the team, and sometimes, some specific players must be part of the commercial.

This is the only explanation I could come up with to explain why Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo appear in an adidas advert. My point is not to bash adidas for featuring a Nike product or player in its freshly released ad, I just want to understand why the 3-stripes strongest competitor product and player are given exposure.

If it’s a mistake no one spotted, well guys, it’s time to launch a new slogan: How about: Just do the impossible…

Karl Lusbec