French Women National Team at the Olympics: Nike and adidas Feud Still On

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On January 1 2011, Nike took over a 38 year partnership the French Football Federation had with adidas. Nike and FFF inked a 7.5 season deal worth €320 million from 2011. A €42.6 million deal per season. Problem is, the French Women National Team plays with adidas gear at the Olympics.

It seems that the specific case of the Olympic team equipment deal has been overlooked when the partnership was signed between FFF and Nike. In fact, although the FFF official kit supplier is Nike, the french national olympic teams are registered under the Olympic committee rules and therefore are bound to wear the Olympic Committee official gear supplier adidas. The same logic is applicable to all teams.

Nike could sue the French Football Federation since the women national team endorses adidas gear during the Olympics.

Tough decision for a brand new partnership, but on the other hand, forking out €42.6 million a year to see your asset wearing your competitor’s product at a major event, the pill is hard to swallow.

Based on the same logic, could we have FIFA and UEFA competitions with the same approach? Since these 2 football governing bodies’ official kit supplier is adidas, could we have a World Cup or Champions League with all teams in adidas gear? Time will tell, but the french women national team at the Olympic sets a precedent.

One thing is for sure, the feud between the two brands is far from getting to an end!

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