The Top 10 Shirts Sponsorship Deals: EPL Clubs Still (very) Attractive

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Manchester United’s recently signed a seven-year shirt sponsorship deal with General Motors’ a Chevrolet brand. It is worth a record-breaking $559m (£357m), which is about £51m a year.

A sponsorship deal has become one of the most lucrative revenue stream for a football club. Even FC Barcelona, who were relunctant to feature any other sponsor but the one-of-a-kind Unicef deal, gave in a partnered with Qatar Foundation for £25 million ($39 million).

The Bundesliga, the most financially sustainable european football league, features powerhouse Bayern Munich striking a £23 million ($36 million) with Deutsche Telekom.

Real Madrid might want to re-negotiate their Bwin deal which amounts to “only” £16,8 million ($26,3 million).

Abramovitch’s club remain in the top 10 with their £13.8m-a-year deal with Samsung ($21,5 million) whilst Tottenham, AC Milan, Newcastle and equal in ninth position partnering respectively with Autonomy and Investec, Emirates and Virgin Money for £10 million ($15 million).

This graph outlines that the Premier League is the most attractive league for shirt sponsorship. Out of 11 clubs, 7 are Barclays Premier League ones. In England, total sponsorship is up to £147 million ($229 million) for the 2012/13 season, with many of the mid-table teams signing improved deals ahead of the new campaign.

Also, the Bundesliga ranks 2nd with Bayern Munich, its wealthiest financial club. It shows that financially healthy clubs can compete in this environment. [Source: Football Marketing]

Karl Lusbec