Nike The Chance: A Powerful Marketing Platform

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I published an article in March about the Chance program from Nike. The Chance is Nike Football’s global competition seeking out the next wave of hungry young footballers. There are now 100 players left in Barcelona where only 16 will be picked.

Nike scouts are on the hunt in more than 50 countries to find 100 potential champions to battle it out at the Global Final in Barcelona. The 16 winners will receive an exclusive all-expenses-paid tour to train and play with some of the world’s top teams at some of the best venues in football. The tour will run during January and February 2013.

The Chance is not only a hunt for the best football talent. It goes beyond this. It is a powerful marketing platform to grow kids with the Nike brand, establish stronger Nike’s football global presence, utilize meaningful assets (coaches, clubs, stadiums, products, etc…), engage fans and players on a social media standpoint, and many more positive features to this activation.

What a better stadium than Barca’s Camp Nou for The Final of the Chance? A stadium every single football aficionado dreams to play on, except perhaps for Real Madrid fans!

I take two fundamental elements out of The Chance program:
1) The global reach
Nike scout in more than 50 countries around the globe in order to spot the best talent. An astouding activation especially in markets where Nike is not leading the football category. The Chance offers then a one-of-a-kind marketing platform.

2) Growing kids with the brand
Regardless whether kids have been chosen or not, a brand offered them once a lifetime opportunity to be in the football spotlights. Train in a professional environment, get advices from worldwide known coaches…..Priceless.

Stay tuned on the Nike The Chance and check out the twitter hashtag #Thechance to learn more.

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