2012-2013 Champions League Kit Sponsors: Still a Two Horse Race


Hi guys,
The 2012-2013 Champions league season kicked off today with the draw in Monaco. Some fantastic games ahead especially in Group D, the group of Death. This year, once again, adidas and Nike strengthen their leadership with the biggest amount of sponsored teams.

It’s a very simple sports marketing exercise and yet outlines key elements. How many teams in the Champions League do adidas and Nike have? Well pretty much all of them.

With respectively 10 and 14 sponsored teams at the start of the upcoming Champions League, the 3-stripes and the swoosh increase the gap from their competitors.


Nike: 14 teams
adidas: 10 teams
Puma: 3 teams
Umbro: 2 teams
Others: 3 teams

How does that compare to last season? At the beginning of the 2011-2012 Champions League the 32 teams had the following shirt sponsors:

2011-2012 Champions League Sponsored Teams

adidas: 11 teams
Nike: 9 teams
Umbro: 3 teams

Kappa: 3 teams
Puma: 2 teams
Diadora: 1 team
Joma: 1 team
Airness: 1 team
Macron: 1 team

We notice that the gap between the “tandem” adidas – Nike and the other teams has increased again. Both brands count 24 teams out of 32.

Next, – and this is something I need to check thoroughly – I think it’s the first time in Champions League history that Nike has more teams than adidas at the start of the competition. If it is true, it is another major milestone in football for the Beaverton firm.

Secondly, recent news pointed out that Umbro was being stripped off its football assets. Manchester City, will join Nike from next year on, and Malaga already made the switch. Will there by any Umbro team next season?

Also, what exposure and marketing benefit does Puma have with Dinamo Zagreb and Olimpiacos with all due respect to these teams? Shouldn’t the major focus be on Dortmund, the Bundesliga Champion?

What are your thoughts?

Karl Lusbec

PS: If someone can share some insights and let me know who the kit manufacturer of Nordsjaelland is, I would be eternally grateful!



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