Attendance for World’s Top Professional Football Leagues: MLS 1 – Ligue1: 0

Hi everyone,
A ranking caught my attention: The top football league attendance, updated August 20  2012. A very interesting piece put together by ESPN and Major key learning, the Major League Soccer is ahead of the French Ligue 1. This said, the ranking counts a whole season for the Ligue 1, when the MLS is still ongoing.

I often say, on this blog but also to friend and business partners that football is growing in the U.S. With the presence of Thierry Henry, David Beckham, Keane and others, players are more and more keen on joining the Major League Soccer. Another element that clearly shows the growth of the beautiful game in North America is the crowd attendance.

The MLS counts an average attendance of 18,828 fans, higher than the Ligue 1. It can be seen as a surprising since PSG invested in bringing superstars in, nonetheless, football/soccer is becoming more and more popular in a country where the league is only 17 years old.

Karl Lusbec