French Women National Team in adidas at London Olympics: FFF Owes Nike €5 Million

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The French Women National Team endorsed adidas gear at the Olympics in London instead of their official kit supplier’s Nike. I doubted that Nike would stand still on this matter since they sponsor FFF for €42.6 million a year. Nike took action and FFF owes the swoosh €5 million.

A new partnership does not mean that you are going to let go your interests and what’s yours. Nike officially partnered with FFF on January 1, 2011 and not even one year later, a major issue came up with the French Women National Team endorsing adidas at the London Olympics.

Although the FFF official kit supplier is Nike, the french national olympic teams are registered under the Olympic committee rules and therefore are bound to wear the Olympic Committee official gear supplier adidas. The same logic is applicable to all teams.

This is an argument I am struggling to understand, and which is border line BS. Based on that same logic, shouldn’t all teams playing World Cup endorse adidas gear since the 3-stripes are FIFA official kit supplier? Regardless, Nike took action against the French Football Federation and will receive €5 million following lawsuit.

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