Munich 1860 and Uhlsport Take Ownership of the Oktoberfest

Hi everyone,
I think it’s the first time I mention Uhlsport on this blog. Well, the German sports manufacturer launched a “ballsy” kit for Munich 1860. A kit to celebrate the Oktoberfest. As I like to say, there is no good buzz nor bad buzz.

I lived long enough in Germany to know the big rivalry between Munich 1860 and Bayern Munich. Both claim to be the genuine Munich club.

When Bayern enters the 2012-2013 UEFA Champions League tonight, their neighbour will launch a kit to celebrate the Oktoberfest, a smart way to take ownership of an important Munich symbol.








The kit features a lederhose (Bavarian traditional Leather trousers) style short, and frankly, this kit will create some buzz. The blue/white squares are taken from the Bavarian flag, and if you have a look at Bayern Munich crest, those colours are in there.

The kit will be launched during the Oktoberfest, scheduled from September 22 until October 7.

Why the Oktoberfest starts in September? There you go!

Karl Lusbec