Paris St Germain More and More Global with Website in Arabic

Hi everyone,
Last year, Paris St Germain was acquired by Qatar Sports Investments. PSG are reaching to a more global audience and the latest iniative is to add the arabic language to their official french and english website.

Paris St Germain belong to QSI and its President Nasser al Khelafi. In order to be more accessible to (high income) United Arab Emirates viewers, Paris St Germain have now their website in arabic.

How does that compare to other global clubs’ websites?

English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Russian, Thai

Manchester United:
English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Manchester City:
English, Arabic

English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

FC Barcelona:
English, Castillan, Arabic, French, Chinese, Japanese

Real Madrid:
English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian

AC Milan:
Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic

Inter Milan:
Italian, English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, Japanese, Indonesian

Juventus Turin:
Italian, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian

Step by step, PSG are building up a global brand and adding foreign language to their official website is an integral part of the process. While writting this article, I just noticed that Manchester City website is (only) in English and Arabic? Surprising is you ask me!

Karl Lusbec

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