Customise your Football Shoes with miadidas

Hi guys,
This week end, a number of adidas players will play with customised shoes they created. Benzema, Podolski and others will wear their own fully customised miadidas boots.

I had a discussion a couple of months ago with a client, and was pointing out how footwear design and colours changed the last 20 years. Football shoes standards colours used to be black and white. That was it. How boring and reductive!

Now, not only football boots design vary from spectacular to futuristic, but now fans can be creative and custom make their shoes. Last week, adidas and the Major League Soccer had launched a similar initiative to fight breast cancer.

The miadidas will be used again by Benzema, Müller, Llorente, Montolivo or Ashley Young, but this time to showcase player’s creativity.

Check it out

Karl Lusbec