New Cristiano Ronaldo Collection made in Nike

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Nike launched Cristiano Ronaldo’s new clothing line, which preaches an uncommon and sensible approach to competition with its title of “love to win, hate to lose.” Nike values are pointed out to promote one of their most iconic athlete.

To promote his latest contributions to the world of football fashion, Cristiano and his Real Madrid teammate/angriest friend Pepe did a bit of modeling in a music studio.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s clothing range is fully inline with his personality, qualities on the pitch and his unique and iconic style. He fully embodies Nike’s values and Andy Caine (Nike Creative Director) and his team did a great job to put these values forward.

Nike Football Creative Director Andy Caine said; “So this new collection is really about building on a modern interpretation of some of the classic elements of football and lifestyle, but twisting it with an irreverent youth side, which Cristiano is really going to embody through his style of play on and off the pitch.”

“We’ve always talked about the duality of Cristiano; an amazing athlete on the pitch, and he’s also off-pitch this style icon. When we start to look at the mature side and then blend that with this off-pitch style.”


“We look for example at some of the trends in high-end fashion shoes. Where we’re blending unique elements of sort of classic sides, traditional sides but also with a bit of different irreverence.”

“The use of the love heart and the cross logo, again we’re building on the duality of Cristiano. You know that stands for love to win, hate to lose and that’s really something that’s very important to the style and attitude of Cristiano. He kind of wears it as a badge on his heart.”


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