Sting and Chevrolet: The Official Founding Sponsors of One World Futbol Project

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When mentioning Chevrolet in football, we think of their striking deal with Manchester United for $51 million a year for 7 years. Chevrolet is also involved in making the world a better place. They are the official founding sponsor of the indestructible football for kids in poor and/or war countries.

The One World Futbol Project teams up with Sting and Chevrolet to impact youth in disadvantaged communities around the world. “With the help of Chevrolet, we are now bringing the ‘Power of Play’ to the children who need it most,” Sting says in the video PSA for the Chevrolet-One World Futbol Project. “The One World Futbol Project will help those children discover their own heroic potential.”

Amazing initiative from Chevrolet and Sting who are, in a very compelling way contributing to provide kids with the joy of playing football with a real ball. Pity that no manufacturer has launched a similar initiative so far that could have been a fantastic story.

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