AC Ajaccio Match-by-Match Basis Sponsorship Strategy: What’s the Point?

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French Ligue 1 club AC Ajaccio has elected to embark on a policy of selling its shirt sponsorship on a match-by-match basis, with the initiative set to begin through a partnership with for Friday’s game against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The Corsican club currently lies 16th in Ligue 1 and will use the game against league leader PSG to give the initiative a high-profile start. was only launched in August and offers promotional coupons and cash back schemes for retail products.

“The ACA has decided to open the front of jersey sponsorship,” said Jean-Pierre Giudicelli, marketing manager of AC Ajaccio. “Indeed sponsors can buy this front of jersey space for each day of Ligue 1.”

Etienne Lovisi, chief operating officer of, added: “This is an opportunity that presented itself to our company. This is the first time we will be on a jersey of a team of Ligue 1. This match against PSG was an opportunity to be more visible, especially as the game will be widely covered by TV and radio.” [Source:]

This is obviously not a long term strategy, but merely a way to make a quick buck. Ajaccio is part of the Ligue 1 teams and located in Corsica, so called the “island of beauty”. It seems odd that no local partner was willing to jump in and ink a deal with ACA. This said, I am not sure of the ROI and benefit to feature my brand on a football shirt team for 90 minutes.

FC Barcelona CMO pointed out that a sponsor, is more a partner or strategic alliance where both parties work together to create a win-win situation. I am not sure ACA’s strategy is based on this principle. Your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “AC Ajaccio Match-by-Match Basis Sponsorship Strategy: What’s the Point?

  1. Hi Karl, totally share your view. It really is a quick fix with no long-term benefits. Too bad they totally left out fans. Could think of a couple way of how to involve them.


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