#Drivenby Manifesto: Chevrolet Unites Liverpool and Manchester United

Hi guys,Chevrolet Logo
When you are sponsoring 2 Premier League global clubs, one of the difficulty is to embrace the unique message and values of each club. Chevrolet is facing this scenario and came up with a compelling way to communicate the values of Manchester United and Liverpool FC at the same time.

Chevrolet entered the football landscape with deep pockets. Signing a shirt sponsorship deal with Manchester United for £51 million for 7 years and becoming Liverpool official automotive partner were the automotive giant majors step in football.

Chevrolet also has a very powerful outreach programme with the One World Futbol Project.

Now, knowing the rivalry between these clubs, and yet dealing with it, Chevrolet released their #Drivenby manifesto: Two great clubs and on the pitch, one great rivalry. Manchester United and Liverpool FC are unified by a mutual respect and driven by success, excellence and the support of their passionate fans.

From the players and clubs’ icons point of views:

What do you think? My take is that it’s not that surprising that Liverpool and Manchester United signed off on a commercial featuring both clubs. They share common values, enthusiastic fans and ultimately are the most successful clubs in English football.

Karl Lusbec