FC Barcelona Launches FCBfeel.com, the Barca International Social Network

FCB feel

Hi everyone,
FC Barcelona has made an innovative move in the digital sphere by launching an official social media platform. FCBfeel.com will allow members and fans to share information and their interests about any part of the club.

The platform is structured into channels dedicated to each of Barcelona’s sports teams and the players themselves. Barcelona fans can sign up to the channels of their interest and follow the players of their choice.

The official Barcelona network has been launched in Catalan, Spanish and English, but the club said further languages will be added. Barcelona said the goal of FCBfeel.com is to become an international social network “in harmony with the globalisation of the famous Barça sentiment.”

The network can be used to share news stories with friends, save photos and videos, send private messages and comment on news items and statements by the players. The site has its own version of Facebook’s ‘like’ function where users can highlight their favourite content by utilising the ‘wow’ tool.

One of the great elements of FBCfeel.com is called ‘Wow’, the Barça social network’s own form of the ‘Like’ button. Players can use this tool to highlight their favourite comments, news, videos or pictures on the network.

FCBfeel.com is not just about football. Fans can also follow news about other sports sections at the club, with the advantage that all the information is there at your fingertips without having to go to a different site.

FCBfeel.com is also the place for fans to share their ‘Barça moments’, by for example uploading photos of celebrations of any of the clubs’ many sports titles. It’s the ideal place for fans from different places in the world to share their national and international experiences following their favourite team.

Barca is going the extra mile in social medias. They’ve basically created an exclusive international social network. International by the essence of the Barcelona brand, and exclusive because it relates to Barca hardcore AND casual fans. Really mès que un club.

Karl Lusbec