Nike Launches FC Barcelona 2013 Leisurewear Collection

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Clubs always look for new revenue streams and Nike and FC Barcelona launched a Nike Sportswear collection highlighting FC Barcelona’s classic colors and includes key details of the club’s history and some of its most emblematic symbols.

As Nike said, the NSW collection is a mix of style and innovation, featuring a vintage design ethos combined with Nike technologies.

An example of thisof past-present juxtaposition is the Nike FCB Covert Vintage 73 Throwback T-shirt—worn by Bartra—which incorporates Nike Dri-FIT technology and pays homage to the club’s past with a retro look.

The Nike FCB Covert Vintage polo worn by Busquets features signature FCB detailing, while the Nike FCB Authentic AW77 Full Zip hoody boasts striking embroidery that allows the wearer to boldly express his support for the team.

Pedro wears the Nike FCB Authentic N98 Jacket, offering warmth in a classic, sport-inspired look. The team will wear the collection off the pitch as part of official FC Barcelona team wear. [Source: Finchannel]

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Nike FCB Leisurewear

Nike FCB 2012 Leisurewear 8

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Nike FCB 2012 Leisurewear 2


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