Heineken The Candidate: Creative, Fun and Entertaining

Heineken the candidate

Hi guys,
Job interviews, employer’s questions, we’ve all been there. They can be boring, repetitive and/or utterly uninteresting. Heineken, one of the Champions League sponsors brought the interview experience to a different level. Incredibly inspirational, fun and the end result is simply mindblowing.

Heineken always comes up with inspirational and fun ways to engage fans. A fake music concert that involved 1000 AC Milan fans, out-of-the-box ideas for the Champions League Trophy Tours in Asia.

This time, they came up with a one of a kind way to hire a candidate for a football position. I remember sitting in front of an interviewer who was incredibly gorgeous. It took me some time to focus on the questions she was asking.
No kidding, she was hands down beautiful; half Beyonce, half Halle Berry……..That could be one of the “pranks” Heineken could have pulled for their candidate interview.

Heineken raised the bar higher this time and created situations where there is no way a candidate could be prepared for this.

Heineken is doing a fantastic job at being incredibly creative, fun and entertaining. Perhaps their new brand values, but they have a unique way to engage with fans and position their brand in football as the most inspirational one.

Long story short, check it out and share your thoughts!

Karl Lusbec