Nike U.S Football Centennial Kit: An Elegant Marketing Story

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Nike created the U.S. Soccer kits in order to celebrate its 100th year by breaking out a special centennial jersey. A celebration with a striking elegant football kit. The design pays tribute to the centennial milestone, giving the uniform a classic but contemporary look.

Known originally as the United States of America Foot Ball Association, the organization was formed in April 1913. Three years later, the team played its first game against Sweden in Stockholm where they were victorious 3-2. The new kit celebrates the centenary and is inspired by the uniform worn in that game.

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The shirt uses a solid white design with obsidian blue collar and sleeve detailing. The V-neck is noticeably wide and deep to match the 1913 kit. Vent details on the right and left hem represent the nation’s iconic stars and stripes, while the inner neck detail also celebrates U.S Soccer’s centennial year.

USA Centennial 2013 kit 3

A standout feature of the new kit is the crest. The enlarged crest (again, an homage to the original kit), is interwoven to maximize the top’s luxurious feel. The crest’s 13 stars and 13 stripes replicates the motif of the 1913 kit and symbolizes the first American flag of the original 13 colonies.

The shorts are white with an obsidian blue trim along each side and have the full crest and a white swoosh detail. The socks are white and have “USA” woven into the design.

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In line with Nike’s commitment to combining performance with lower environmental impact, fabric for the new kit’s shorts is made with 100 percent recycled polyester, while the shirt fabric is made with a minimum 96 percent recycled polyester. Each kit is made from an average 13 recycled plastic bottles.

The kit is constructed using Nike Dri-FIT technology to wick moisture and is made out of 23 percent lighter fabric with 20 percent stronger knit structure than Nike’s previous kits. The shirt also features laser-cut ventilation holes that promote localized cooling to help regulate players’ body temperature during a match. [Source: The Beautiful Gear]

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Nike’s kits are simple yet elegant, contemporary yet embracing heritage. Their marketing is focused on a strong story: Performance with low impact on the environment, fabrics made out of 100% recycled polyester. A strong marketing story told through a very simple yet elegant football kit. The way to go.

Karl Lusbec