The Bundesliga is Tapping into the U.S Market

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The Bundesliga is setting its sights on the U.S. market as the next phase of its global expansion plan, and has explored talks with Major League Soccer about sending a team to play in its All-Star Game, according to the league’s Head of Business & Specialist Media Dirk Meyer-Bosse.

He did not reveal if there have already been discussions with MLS regarding such a matchup, but it is clear the league hopes to have such a game in the near future. Germany’s top-flight football league has made forays into Japan and Poland in recent years, and Meyer-Bosse said it is now targeting India and the U.S.

as two core markets for upcoming things.” Meyer-Bosse explained that by “upcoming things” he was not talking about the Bundesliga exploring those markets “in the next two years, but before the end of the season.”

The German league seems to have laid its eyes on one specific occasion. Meyer-Bosse said, “The American Major League Soccer plays an annual All-Star Game, and there are thoughts of sending a Bundesliga team to play against the MLS All-Star team.”

No Bundesliga team has ever played in the MLS All-Star Game as participants have almost exclusively been Premier League clubs. Asked about whether a Bundesliga team will participate in the 2013 or 2014 MLS All-Star Game, MLS Corporate Communications Dir Sean Dennison wrote in an email:

“MLS has a long-standing relationship with the Bundesliga. The league is speaking with a number of world-class clubs from multiple leagues about being the opponent in our All-Star Game. We will have additional details in the future.”

The Bundesliga has the highest stadium attendance of any football league in the world and recently broke the €2B ($2.7B) revenue mark for the first time. [Source: Sport Business Daily]

I often point out on this blog how financially sustainable the Bundesliga is and how revenue driven the league’s assets are built. With 2,5 German clubs (Schalke still need to qualify though) in the Champions League quarter finals this year, the Bundesliga shows the world that they are one of the most successful league economically but also on a sporting standpoint.

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