AS Roma Kit Sponsor for 2013-2014: Any Ideas?

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AS Roma dropped their partnership with Kappa back in November 2012 due to serious defect. The Giallorossi recently signed a deal with Nike starting for the 2014-2015 season. But what will Roma wear during the 2013-2014 season? My take.

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine yesterday about the following topic: “The Nike deal starting only next season, what will AS Roma wear the upcoming season?”

Chinese sportswear companies
China invests in football, and the appointment of David Beckham as ambassador is an additional milestone for Chinese football. Li Ning is a major Chinese athletic company which manufactures and produces gear for football, basket-ball, badminton, tennis for the large Chinese market.

Li Ning, with the national support -and backup- could well sponsor AS Roma for ONE year, market the giallorossi very well, put together a strong communication campaign, and raise awareness of their brand and of Chinese football at the same time?

Italian manufacturer
The italian sportswear market has a very strong regional/local relevance. Many italian based sportswear companies still have a presence in elite italian football.

  • Macron sponsors Napoli, Bologna, Lazio
  • Errea sponsors Atalanta, Parma, Pescara
  • Givova sponsors Catania, Chievo Verona
  • Lotto sponsors Genoa
  • Legea sponsors Udinese
  • For the sake of consistency, Kappa sponsors Sempdoria, Cagliari, Siena, Torino.

Out of 20 teams in Serie A, 14 are sponsored by Italian based manufacturers. Could Errea, Givova, Lotto or Legea partner with AS Roma for only one year?

Capitalise on the AS Roma brand

The roman club can decide to produce their own kit for one year. Can they pull it off? Why not? With a smart marketing they can put the AS Roma brand forward, even involve fan groups on shirt design and come up with the 2013-2014 home and away kits season.

These are the main options I trust could happen. What about you?
Karl Lusbec 

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