Iniesta Promotes Futsal Category


Hi guys,
Futsal is by essence very close to football, and many football players started off with futsal. Iniesta is one of them. Nike is utilising “Don Andres” futsal culture and style of play to promote not only the new “Elastico Finale II” shoe, but the whole futsal business category.

“Futsal helps my ball control in tighter spaces” says Iniesta. For that reason, when his schedule allows it, Iniesta joins training sessions with the Barca Alusport Team (FCB’s futsal equivalent). 

“If I had more free time, I would like to train more with my colleagues on the futsal team.”

Nike Football’s “My Ground” film gives a glimpse into Iniesta’s time training with his futsal colleagues and his background in the small-sided game.


Futsal is a category that does not have the visibility and advertising backup of its parent sport, football. It is then wise to use football, – and in this case, Iniesta brand image- to promote futsal products and at the same time, give meaningful exposure to a category.

Karl Lusbec