Book Preview: What’s Your Green Goldfish by Stan Phelps

Hi everyone,
Stan Phelps is a friend of mine, he is also one of the best marketer I know. Stan is an author, professor and fantastic speaker. He believes that marketing must focus on meaningful differentiation to win the hearts of both employees and customers.

He founded 9 INCH marketing to focus on both customer and employee experience. The objective is to help to make brands remark-able. Creating the little extras that give customers and employees something to talk, tweet, blog and post to Facebook about.

Stan wrote “What’s your Purple Goldfish” which is about differentiation via added value. Flipping traditional marketing by investing your efforts towards customers with an exciting concept called “marketing lagniappe.”

He just finished his SECOND book  “What’s Your Green Goldfish” that comes out on Friday, 3/29. Have a look!

Karl Lusbec