Creative Viral for Bundesliga 50 Years Anniversary

Hi guys,bundesliga-logo
The Bundesliga is unfortunately very under rated. It is actually a league where there is great football, full stadiums and a beautiful atmosphere. The Bundesliga just turned 50 years old and released a creative video who blends the past with the present to celebrate a one-of-a-kind goal.

I do like Germany very much. I’ve been living there for more than a decade and enjoy the country, the people, the culture and also the football. Beautiful stadiums: Gelsenkirchen, The Allianz Arena, even Nurnberg stadium is a fantastic football jewel, and they are all full!

The Bundesliga is also one of the rare league which is financially sustainable with clubs not being in debts like others. Also, the Bundesliga is expanding internationally and is now tapping into the US market.

It’s taken some time to get to that level; 50 years to be precise. To celebrate its anniversary, the Bundesliga released a very creative viral. The ad is showcasing the German league throughout its 50 years in one sequence. Check it out.

Karl Lusbec