AC Milan #thefuture: This is What AC Milan Stands For

Hi everyone,AC Milan
AC Milan released #thefuture, a fantastic video showcasing the club’s values through youth development and the AC Milan Academy. A must watch.

In February 2011, I wrote an article about Gattuso damaging AC Milan brand image. The AC Milan player litteraly went down Joe Jordan’s throat and acting like a scum. This, not only pissed me off, but as a marketer, I saw a player denting the image of a club who does everything in its power to show respect, class and elegance.

These values, AC Milan puts them forward in #thefuture. Having worked with the Rossoneri in a recent past, I can relate to the fact that this club is really unique and shows respect, professionalism and elegance at many levels.

“You can’t be a good player if you don’t become a good person”: This is what AC Milan stands for.

Check out the video and share your thoughts!

Karl Lusbec