Joey Barton Insults: Olympique de Marseille, Where art Thou?

Hi everyone,
Football players are using social medias to express themselves, which is fine. The problem is when they use social media platforms to insult and use offensive language, they not only show up as uneducated fools, but stain their own club. Joey Barton has become an expert in both categories.

I believe that a football club is responsible for his players’ behaviours on and off the pitch. Joey Barton who is more known for spending time in jail than being a half decent footballer, spent the last week insulting Neymar and PSG Thiago Silva.

barton 4

Then he continued his rant against Thiago Silva who came up to defend his team mate.

Barton 9

His rant went on and on after the amazing performance of Thiago Silva against FC Barcelona yesterday.

barton 10

barton 11

Okay, these comments are crude, idiotic and incredibly moronic. What actually surprises me is that NO ONE from Olympique de Marseille came up and told Barton to sh*t up as his insults are clearly damaging OM’s image and values.

How a club like Olympique de Marseille who wants to be respected in France and globally can tolerate such behaviour?

I often point out that football players are brands and the image they send to the public outlines not only their values, but also what their club stands for. So far Joey Barton is denting OM brand image, and if the club does not control their freak, the dent will create more damage.

Today, PSG released a statement condemning Barton’s attack against Silva and might sue the Marseille player. To be continued.

Oh yeah, for what’s worth:
Thiago Silva: 32 caps, 1 goal, 2 Olympic medals

Joey Barton: 1 cap, 0 goal, 77 days in prison

Karl Lusbec