The Nature of Uruguay

Hi guys,Uruguay 2012
Puma recently launched the new Uruguay kit. The communication of the new AUF kit is made around the victory in Brasil. Will the story repeat itself?

Brasil is Uruguay’s second stomping ground. It’s true. Their national team has won nearly as many times in Brasil as Brasil.

Back when football teams only just started to rack up wins and trophies, Uruguay reigned over all. Small yet mighty, sky blue yet bold, the 1920s national team kicked off a winning legacy.

Decades of accolades followed – including 1950 world title in Brasil – which proved to the world that Los Charrúas were a force to be reckoned with.

Uruguay 2012

Uruguay 2012 - 2 

Uruguay 2012 - 4

Uruguay 2012

The team looks to repeat history this summer. When they compete in Brasil, they’ll don this shirt. It pays homage to that original 1920s team, specifically the shirt worn when they won gold at 1924 Summer Games in Paris. I

conic design elements, retro style, and signature colors are reborn from tradition, remixed with modern technology, and ready for new football moments in Brasil. And beyond. [Source:]

Karl Lusbec