The adidas Final Wembley 2013: A Tribute to Wembley

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The Champions League Final in Wembley will feature a brand new adidas ball. The ball has been designed to celebrate the UEFA Champions League Finals that have taken place at the ‘home of football’ over the last 50 years.

The aesthetic of the ball reflects these events, incorporating the years in which the finals took place into the well-known star panel design – an iconic feature of adidas’ official match balls for the competition.

The technical graphics and the expressive colour scheme come together to reflect the grandeur of the occasion where this year’s winners will be crowned in front of the near 90,000-strong crowd.

The Vice President of Global Sports Marketing Football for adidas, Claus Peter-Mayer talked about the development of the ball, “adidas has created a ball to celebrate the finals staged at Wembley which, in turn, is a fitting tribute to this season’s eventual finalists and a wonderful compliment to what is surely going to be a great occasion.”


Guy-Laurent Epstein, UEFA Events SA Marketing Director stated “The ball is bold, iconic and almost regal in appearance which, for us, brilliantly reflects the UEFA Champions League values and the fact that this year’s final will be held in London. This season will see the ball used on-pitch for all knockout stage matches along the road to Wembley where the Kings of Europe will be crowned on what promises to be another historic night of European club football.”

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This year’s ball will be the twentieth Official Match Ball adidas has produced for the UEFA Champions League competition. The adidas Finale Wembley has been used on field during UEFA Champions League matches from February 12th. [Source: Soccer Reviews]

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