Bundesliga at the Forefront of Environmentally Sustainable Activities

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The Germany Football League (DFL) made public a Bundesliga environmental report based on the findings of a survey conducted by RölfsPartner consultancy firm.

The report gathers for the first time all the measures being undertaken by Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga clubs in the area of environmentally sustainable activities. There are at least 50 green projects already in process within the Bundesliga and 27 in 2.Bundesliga.

The combined actions taken by the German professional football clubs are currently contributing to an annual saving of at least 5.3 million kilowatt/hours of electricity and a reduction of around 14,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

Thirty nine per cent of all the eco-friendly schemes are in the field of energy, and among them, the most are focusing on either power production or saving. The clubs’ utilisation of photovoltaic technology, for example, generates at least 5.5 million kilowatt/hours of clean electricity annually.

Optimising water management and reducing waste and emissions are also key priorities. These, along with other ecological policies are especially considered by clubs planning new stadiums and facilities.

“The Bundesliga is aware of its social responsibility, and in that regard, an environmentally sustainable management is an important element. This survey shows that a lot of our clubs are already extensively engaged in these practises,” said the DFL chief executive Christian Seifert [Source: EPFL]

The Bundesliga is at the forefront of eco-friendly initiatives and shows the path to follow. Having lived in Germany, the environment is a very serious topic and football is obviously not overlooked. The Bundesliga has put lots of efforts in ecological initiatives which are fully integrated in the future of German football

Karl Lusbec