The New England Shirt: It’s only a Shirt. It is what the players do in it that counts!

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Nike launched the new England kit after the FA signed a deal with the swoosh following a 50+ year partnership with Umbro. The kit created an “outrage” within the English fans, claiming it has a too similar look to the Germany 70 kit. People, it’s a football kit….nothing more!

The new England kit was unveiled yesterday, with the first official sighting via a picture posted on twitter by England midfielder Jack Wilshere of a pupil at his former school wearing the jersey, demonstrating that the kit belongs to the nation, not just the players lucky enough to represent England.

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Following its reveal via social media, Nike has created a campaign emphasising that while the kit may feature technical innovation and performance benefits, it cannot win games by itself, and it is what the players do in it that counts.

Wilshere arrived to watch a training session at The Priory School in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, before picking out lucky student Jason Kelly to wear and reveal the shirt for the first time .

“This is where my dream of playing for England started and it’s great to be back here to see a new generation playing with the same passion,” Wilshere said. “I gave Jason the shirt because his commitment and work-rate really impressed me today, he showed that it’s what you do on the pitch that matters — from your first match as a nine year-old all the way up to the international stage.”

A clean, distinctive design takes the kit back to its roots with its traditional colors of white and dark blue to celebrate the Football Association’s 150th anniversary.

The iconic three lions crest was prominently featured in dark blue on the team’s first kit, and once again, the crest is the proud focus – now with a gold border, a gold star above it signifying England’s World Cup win, and a gold ribbon graphic below inscribed with “150 years” and the dates 1863 and 2013, marking the Football Association’s anniversary.

The blue on the new kit is the same dark blue colour that featured on England’s first kit. Embodying the clean lines and understated style of the best of English fashion, the white shirt features a dark blue classic crew neck collar, while two side vents on the hem of the shirt subtly feature the St George’s cross.

The shorts are entirely dark blue and the socks are white with a thin dark blue band at the top.

The kit showcases Nike’s belief in style, craft and pride while aiding the performance of players with key technological features. [Source:].

Fan reaction was mixed at the unveiling with many stating on Twitter that the kit looked too German with its very dark collar, but there was also praise for the simple design. 

The kit is a pure white strip, with a dark blue classic crew neck collar. So of course it will look like any team that plays in white/dark blue or white/black.

This is Nike’s campaign statement about the new England kit:

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That’s the point. It’s a football shirt, and what matters is what players do in it. Though it’s important to stick to the national team colour palette, product marketing is also delivering a product that encapsulates performance, style, comfort and a definite newness. The new England shirt ticks off those boxes.

David Kent from the Daily Mail said: “It’s back-to-basics at all levels for England, with the team learning how to actually keep possession through simple passes, and they now have a new kit to match.

If it took more than two minutes to design I would be amazed, but the simple white shirt with a dark navy collar is a tidy number
and looks great.

Football shirts don’t need wacky unique strips or overdone trim. This isn’t the eccentric 1990s where any design or colour was no-holds-barred. As long as the team wins, no one will care what they wear.”

The kit will make its first appearance against the Republic of Ireland on May 29, and then again in Brazil later that week.

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