adidas Launch the 2013-2014 Ligue 1 Official MatchBall

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Hi everyone,
adidas presented the new Ligue 1 2013-14 Ball. The new Ligue 1 2013-14 Official Match Ball will be used for the first time at the Champions Trophy between the league winner Paris Saint Germain and the cup winner (Girondins de Bordeaux or Évian) in Gabon on August 3.

The new 13-14 Ligue 1 Ball features the same panel design as the Adidas Tango 12 Ball and a similar design as the 2013 Confed Cup Cafuza Ball by adidas.

The main color of the new Ligue 1 2013-14 Ball is white with grey and yellow applications.

Ligue 1 ball 2013-2014

The new Ligue 1 ball represents ‘the passage of the Ligue 1 in a new era with the modernisation of stadiums for Euro 2016 to be hold in France’. [Source:]

Being the official matchball supplier is a meaningful marketing platform to showcase the icon of the game: the matchball. Adidas is facing a strong competiton from Nike on this segment.

The swoosh is the official matchball supplier of the English Premier League, La Liga and the Serie A.

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    […] On the other hand, adidas leverages its marketing rights by supplying official matchballs to FIFA and UEFA global competitions (World Cups, Champions Leagues). Also, let’s not forget that along with the Bundesliga, adidas is also the  French Ligue 1. […]


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