Confederations Cup 2013: The World Cup 2014 Full Scale Rehearsal

Hi everyone,Confederations Cup 2013
With 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers in full swing, all attention is turning to the international competition and the teams gearing up to compete in the world’s most exciting football tournament.

The Confederations Cup is little more than a warm-up for the World Cup. It is a full scale tournament that gives a taste of what the World Cup will be. Everything will be measured in real time: Ticketing, hospitality, sponsor activations, exclusive zone, transportation, stadium efficiency etc….

As the event goes on, I will report what is happening on a marketing standpoint. I will obviously keep a strong scrutiny on adidas’ marketing initiatives onsite, following their success at the 2012 London Olympics.

Also, Nike being the official sponsor of the Brazil National Team, the swoosh could have a home advantage here, let’s see.

Check out the calendar below, and stay tuned!

Karl Lusbec

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