Hypervenom Explained by Nike Designer on Twitter

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Hi everyone,Hypervenom
Today, Hypervenom designer, Denis Dekovic answered questions on Twitter submitted by followers. Interesting insights on the new Hypervenom. Enjoy! To read from bottom – up.

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That’s the end of the #HypervenomChat with designer Denis Dekovic. Thanks for joining. pic.twitter.com/K2AkLsk7W7

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A12: Players asked that #Hypervenom deliver a cleaner strike. NIKESKIN + ACC + offset laces deliver this. @Wa11o #HypervenomChat

Q12: Is there functional reason the laces slant down the #Hypervenom shoe instead of straight down the middle? – @Wa11o #HypervenomChat

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Many Qs about working with Neymar / @Njr92. #Hypervenom was designed around his style of play. He worked with us from day 1. #HypervenomChat

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A11: The plate is designed to flex with your foot. See details at nike.com/gb/en_gb/c/foo… or nikesoccer.com (in US) #HypervenomChat

Q11: “Are there any modifications to the stud structure for the new #Hypervenom sole?” ‏– @P_OUTIE716m #HypervenomChat

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A10: The #NIKESKIN on #Hypervenom focuses on delivering great fit and touch. @V_ANDRE_73 #HypervenomChat

Q10: Is the #Hypervenom NIKESKIN just for feeling the ball better, or does it give other benefits? – @V_ANDRE_73 #HypervenomChat

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Re weight: #Hypervenom is just below 200g. For us, weight is a feature, not a benefit. We’re focused on benefits like fit, touch & traction.

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A9: #Hypervenom is for creating space. Mercurial is for exploiting space #HypervenomChat
Q9 “How does this boot compare to Vapors? @D_Dubbz17 

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@nmkoenig23 Great #question. Yes. See :44 of this video.  #HypervenomChat

Q8: “Do you spend much time in motion analysis labs, when players cut and pivot?” @nmkoenig23 See gonike.me/6017ksdh #HypervenomChat

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Be passionate. Start with product design

Q7: “What have you studied to become a designer?” – @BiZzTob / A: Be passionate. Start with product design! #HypervenomChat

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A6: To highlight players’ on pitch personality and attitude. #HypervenomChat

Q6: “Why did you put skull & crossbones on the boot?” –@RKitch66 

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A5: #Hypervenom features an all mesh upper. This gets the foot closer to the ball, delivering great touch. @Nicholasfarley #HypervenomChat

Q5: “What makes the #Hypervenom boot stand out from the rest of the market?” – @Nicholasfarley

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A4: Players told us they needed to feel the ball better, like it’s barefoot. #Hypervenom mesh allows this. #HypervenomChat

Q4: “Was the NIKESKIN design inspired on the skin of a snake, hence #Hypervenom?” – @_JoelKim #HypervenomChat

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A3: The game is more congested. Players asked us to help create more space. Space equals more chances. @Joshua196z #HypervenomChat

Q3: “What inspired you to create #Hypervenom?” – @Joshua196z #hypervenomchat

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A2: We created #Hypervenom with the attacking, agile and deceptive forward in mind. #hypervenomchat

Q2: “Are #Hypervenom used for defending as well or just attacking?” – @Dilwar1997 #HypervenomChat

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A1: “For a new silo, we test prototypes for about 18 months with our players.” – Denis Dekovic #HypervenomChat

Q1 “How did you ensure all the players needs were met & ensure it was light without compromising durability?” @VictorMgbeike #HypervenomChat