Nike, the Most Popular Brand on Instagram

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Nitrogram’s newly launched “Nitrogram 50.” The ranking is determined by the number of followers of their account (Audience) and number of posts on their hashtag (Contributors). Based on this, the Nike brand comes out to be the most popular.

Currently, @nike is the most popular brand on Instagram with 1,664,050 followers, 13,246,055 posts on their hashtag and 8,347 followers gained since June 23.

The most followed brand account is @theellenshow with 2,390,969 followers. The largest brand hashtag is #nike with 13,246,055 posts.

The Nitrogram 50 allows you to see the most popular brands right now and over the past seven and 30 days. While it’s branded as top 50, you can actually see up to the top 427 brands. [Source: FAVES+CO]

Nike most popular brand

Nike’s main competitor adidas shows up at the 4th spot with 737,434 followers and almost 3 million posts.

Sports brands are the most popular, and Instagram does outline this as a fact. 

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