adidas Secures Chelsea as Their Premier League Global Asset

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Recently, adidas extended its partnership with Chelsea. The deal is worth $510 million for the next 10 years. With a very cluttered Premier League market, adidas secures a strong and valuable asset. Quality vs quantity.

The deal is the largest in Chelsea’s history and ensures adidas remains the official sponsor and kit supplier through 2023. 

If we have a look at the Barclays Premier League, many global teams offer significant sponsorship opportunities. The problem is, the  5-6 teams that have a global relevance are contracted by adidas’ main competitors.

In the London area, Arsenal just signed a major deal with Puma for €150 million until 2018. The Spurs are partnering with Under Armour since season 2012 for €62 until 2017

On the North West side, Nike is dominating. The swoosh partners with Manchester United, the club that’s worth $3 billion, since 2002. The deal expires in 2015, and it is hardly imaginable that Nike would let this asset go. 
Also, in 2012, Nike added Manchester City in their portfolio starting in 2013 until 2019. The deal is worth €85 million ($109) over 6 years.

To a lesser extent (with all due respect to these clubs), Everton and Blackburn are also part of the Nike football teams. The swoosh secured blackburn until 2016 and a 3 year deal with Everton who started in 2012

Still in the North West, Liverpool inked a deal with american brand Warrior in 2012 for a deal worth €32 million over 6 years. 

Basically, all major teams are secured by adidas’ competitors and it is clear that the 3-stripes strategy is to secure Chelsea as their top football asset within the Barclays Premier League until 2023. Adidas still partners with Swansea and recently inked a deal with Fulham.

With all due respect, these two teams are far from having a global reach, and adidas is giving a strong focus on the 2012 Champions League Winner.

Karl Lusbec

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