MLS Targets 4 New Franchises by 2020

Hi everyone,mls-logo
Football (or soccer) in the US is growing steadily but surely. A few months ago, New York City Football Club the MLS 20th franchise was born with the partnership between Manchester City and the NY Yankees. Commissioner Garber and MLS are planning 4 new teams by 2020.

MLS commissioner Don Garber said: “The strength, passion and vision of the MLS ownership group is the foundation behind the success of our league. We look forward to adding new partners with the same commitment to the sport and love of the game.

“As MLS enters a period of accelerated growth, the addition of new teams will allow us to expand our geographic coverage, grow our fan base and help us achieve our vision of being among the best leagues in the world by 2022.”

MLS is marketing the sport very well, and football has become the fastest growing sport in the US with more than 18 million players. TV audience is also (slightly) on the increase

The question is in which market these extra 4 franchises would be located? By 2015 NYCFC will kick off, making it the 2nd MLS franchise in New York City. Can the Big Apple host a 3rd MLS franchise? Can New York Cosmos who rebooted last week end take part of the elite football? Is it an green light for european football powerhouses to build their franchise à la Manchester City?

Many questions arise, but surely, MLS long term vision to grow the sport and to make it more competitive must be acknowledged. 

Karl Lusbec